Purfles members are all tied up in comeback image teasers

After a year since their last release, Purfles is finally making a comeback with a new single!

The three-member girl group made their official debut in October 2014 with their first single 1.2.3, and after nearly a year, they are set to release their second digital single, Bad.

Releasing monotone photos of the three girls, they exude an aura of sexy as they done dresses that reveal their waist and legs, all the while wearing cuffs on their wrists.

Agency officials revealed that during their year-long hiatus, Purfles worked hard on improving both their vocals and stage performances.

Bad will be released on September 3rd but will showcase their first performance of the track on August 30th in Myeongdong, Daehak-ro, and Hongdae.

Source: TV Report