PURPLE KISS Dosie’s Hairstyle For Their “Zombie” Comeback Was Inspired By One Very Iconic Disney Character

Can you guess which one?

PURPLE KISS made their comeback recently, and introduced fun new hair colors for their new era!

PURPLE KISS | RBW Entertainment

While 3 out of 7 members kept it dark and natural, the other members had fun with the colors! Na Goeun has pink hair…

Na Goeun | @RBW_PURPLEKISS/Twitter

Dosie has two-toned hair…

Dosie | @RBW_PURPLEKISS/Twitter

..Ireh is orange-haired…

Ireh | @RBW_PURPLEKISS/Twitter

…and Chaein is platinum blonde!

Chaein | @RBW_PURPLEKISS/Twitter

In a new interview with Esquire Korea, the members of PURPLE KISS talked about their new comeback, hair, and more!

The questions for the interview were sent in by fans, and one of the questions they were asked was,

Was there a character that inspired your concepts for this album?

Dosie, who’s sporting a vibrant black-and-white two toned hair color, revealed that her look is inspired by none other than Disney‘s iconic villain, Cruella De Vil!

Cruella De Vil | Walt Disney Pictures

My hairstyle for this album is inspired by Cruella. I tried my best to give the emotionless, chic-a bad girl image. I kept telling myself that while I was acting.


Well, it’s safe to say that she absolutely nailed it!

PURPLE KISS made their comeback with the album Hide & Seek and the title track “Zombie”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Youtube