PURPLE KISS’s Na Goeun Prefers Their Comeback Stage To Their Debut Stage—Here’s Why

She revealed why!

PURPLE KISS may have just made their debut in March of 2021, but they’re already rising rookies in the world of K-Pop!

PURPLE KISS | RBW Entertainment

PURPLE KISS recently sat down with Esquire Korea for an interview, where they answered questions sent in by fans!

One of the questions asked to them was,

Debut stage vs. Comeback stage. Which do you prefer?

Na Goeun revealed that although she loves both stages, she’d have to pick their comeback stage with “Zombie”, because she believes in living in the present!

Na Goeun

I actually ahd fun for both, but I’d say our first comeback. Because I always think that present is more important than the past, so I prefer now. Also, we’ve prepared a lot for our comeback, so be ready Plory [their fandom name]!

—Na Goeun

PURPLE KISS made their comeback with the album Hide & Seek and the title track “Zombie”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Youtube