Purple Kiss’s Na Goeun Has A Special Way Of Telling Her Members Apart While Blindfolded, And It’s Super Effective

It’s a super cool and effective method!

Purple Kiss‘s Na Goeun is known to love her members a lot, and a certain uncanny ability of hers regarding her members has fans shook!

Na Goeun | @purplekiss_official/Instagram

On Weekly Idol recently, both MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and fellow labelmates Purple Kiss appeared as guests, where they promoted their new songs, talked about first impressions of each other, and more!

Moonbyul and Purple Kiss

While showing off their individual talents, Na Goeun revealed that she can tell her members apart from one another with her eyes closed, by feeling their hands!

I can guess which member it is…by just touching their hands! I can guess blindfolded!

—Na Goeun

This was immediately put to the test, and after Goeun was blindfolded, she touched 3 peoples’ arms—Swan, Jieun, and Moonbyul!

She showed off her ability perfectly, by picking out Moonbyul’s arm to be one that she’d never touched before, and accurately guessing the arms of Swan and Jieun as well!

She is really good at this!


Watch Na Goeun show off her incredible talent here!

You can also watch Moonbyul’s latest comeback song “C.I.T.T (Cheese In The Trap)” here:

And also check out Purple Kiss’s song “Pretty Psycho”, a B-side they’re currently promoting, here!

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