PURPLE KISS Reveal What They Want To Learn From Their Senior Group, MAMAMOO

“I thought, ‘Can I be a great artist like MAMAMOO someday?'”

Over six years after MAMAMOO debuted, RBW finally has a new girl group to join them: PURPLE KISS. Given how successful MAMAMOO has become over the years, it’s no surprise their junior group looks up to them a lot. Now, in an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, they’ve revealed exactly what it is they want to learn from Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa.


Following in MAMAMOO’s footsteps as an RBW girl group, it would be impossible for PURPLE KISS not to look up to their talented and successful sunbaenims. The rookie group’s dancer, vocalist, and rapper Dosie said “she wanted to join [RBW] because of MAMAMOO“. Though she first wanted to become a singer before her seniors debuted, once she saw them in RBW, she thought, “Can I be a great artist like MAMAMOO someday?“.

Dosie | RBW

When asked what PURPLE KISS wants to learn from MAMAMOO specifically, vocalist and dancer Goeun (whom you may remember from Produce 48) brought up one of the senior group’s strongest unique abilities: their versatility.

Goeun | RBW

Goeun started by noting that “MAMAMOO is not limited to a certain concept on genre”—a sentiment every MooMoo can agree with. In 2014, the group debuted with a retro, blues-inspired song—”Mr. Ambiguous”.


By 2015, they were already branching out to funky R&B with “Um Oh Ah Yeh”.


“Decalcomanie” saw MAMAMOO switch to a mature, sexy, femme fatale concept in 2016.


Then, they gained widespread international attention with the soft and boho-inspired “Starry Night” in 2018.


And the concept changes didn’t stop there. In the same year, they went for fiery Latin pop with “Egotistic”.


And 2019 brought three completely different styles for MAMAMOO: “Gogobebe”, the reggaeton-inspired party track;


“Wind Flower”, a mellow ballad with a heartbreak theme;


And “Hip”, a percussion-heavy foray into hip hop.


Continuing to switch things up with “Dingga” and “Aya” this year, MAMAMOO’s limitless artistry has certainly had a big impact on their juniors. Goeun went on to say that, inspired by their versatility, PURPLE KISS want to learn MAMAMOO’s “ability to pull everything off“.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

Of course, that’s not their only admirable quality. Goeun said the junior group also wants to emulate the way MAMAMOO are naturals on stage. According to the rookie, “they are so relaxed” when they perform and they seem to have “so much fun“.

So, we would like to learn their talent and how to relax on stage.

— Goeun

PURPLE KISS released their first pre-debut single, “My Heart Skip a Beat”, on November 26, and they’re expected to make a full debut in early 2021.

Watch their full interview with ESQUIRE Korea here: