PURPLE KISS’ Swan Reveals She Wrote The Group’s Debut Track “Ponzona” As A Trainee Evaluation Song

She was just 16 when she wrote the song!

PURPLE KISS made their long-awaited debut, and blew fans away with their incredible debut track!

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PURPLE KISS made their debut on March 15, with the mini-album titled INTO VIOLET, and title track “Ponzona”!

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During their debut showcase, maknae Swan revealed that she was the one who had written their debut track, alongside fellow members Yuki and Na Goeun, as a trainee evaluation song!

The truth is, “Ponzona” was an [trainee] evaluation mission song. We didn’t write it to use as a title song.


PURPLE KISS’ Swan| RBW Entertainment

Swan also talked about how happy they were when their song was selected as PURPLE KISS’ debut track, and also showed her drive and determination to create more bops in the future!

We just wanted to write a song that showed off Purple Kiss’ colors and worked well with us, so we were happy when it was chosen to be the title song.

I’ll be sure to study hard from now on and write great songs.


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PURPLE KISS debuted with the song “Ponzona” on March 15, 2021.

Watch the MV for it here!

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