Queen + Adam Lambert Praises BTS And Congratulates Them On Their Global Success

Legends supporting legends!

Legendary British rock band, Queen, has partnered up with American singer Adam Lambert for a world tour, and the duo have arrived in Seoul for a performance!

During a press conference, Queen and Adam were asked about BTS and their recent sold-out performance at the Wembley Stadium.


Guitarist Brian May claimed they’ve known about K-Pop and BTS since before they arrived in Korea.

I heard about K-Pop since we were in Britain. I welcome the new generation having their own global trend and new influence.

I’m sure they’ll continue to do well.

— Brian May


Adam Lambert, who’s filling in for Freddie Mercury‘s vocals, saw many of BTS’s performances and was inspired by their visual aspects and more.

I saw BTS’s performances and was also inspired by it.

The visuals in K-Pop are phenomenal. But I’m inspired beyond just the visual aspect.

BTS are very amazing and incredible.

— Adam Lambert


Dummer Roger Taylor congratulated K-Pop in taking over the world! He believes a new generation has come and is excited to see K-Pop progress in the future with its fans.

I congratulate K-Pop for taking over the world. I hope it continues to do well.

As it’s written in the word, it has a lot of pop-style of influence. It’s a bit different from our music style but I think it’s probably the most popular trend among the younger generation.

I knew about them since Britain and felt their popularity.

— Roger Taylor


Brian May is also excited for K-Pop’s future as he claims music will never die (much like rock and roll never died). He’s sure that K-Pop will continue maturing and changing throughout the ages.

When we were younger, rock and roll was everything. Now some people say rock and roll is dead but it’s actually been maturing over the years with the fans.

In that sense, I’m also curious about the future of K-Pop. I look forward to how K-Pop will change with their fans in the future.

— Brian May


With legends like the Queen even supporting BTS and K-Pop’s future, it’s no doubt that this is only just the beginning!

Source: eDaily and News1