“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Actor Moon Sang Min Reveals Actress Kim Hye Soo’s True Personality While Filming

Mother by role, mother by nature!

At a time when netizens can’t get enough of K-Dramas, the recent show Under The Queen’s Umbrella is definitely one of the hottest shows right now. Actress Kim Hye Soo has particularly been credited for the show’s popularity with her role as Queen Im Hwa Ryeong.

In particular, a cast member recently spilled on Kim Hye Soo’s true personality when filming the show.

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Since the show started airing, Kim Hye Soo has received nothing but praise from netizens for her phenomenal acting throughout the episodes.


Well, it seems like along with her phenomenal acting, Kim Hye Soo also has the sweetest personality, and one of the actors in the show has spilled on just how kind she is.

Recently, actor Moon Sang Min appeared in a video for Esquire Korea, looking at his Instagram photos and sharing stories behind them.

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In the series, Moon Sang Min play’s the Grand Prince Seongnam, who is the oldest of the Queen’s five sons. Throughout the series, he has gained attention for his dazzling visuals and unrivaled elegance throughout his scenes.

Moon Sang Min in the show

Well, it seems like Kim Hye Soo doesn’t just play the mother to five princes on the show but also takes her role as the mother of the cast very seriously.

During the video, Moon Sang Min revealed that because of the strict filming schedules, the actors were working during the Korean festival Chuseok.

Everyone was filming on Chuseok, so we couldn’t visit our hometown.

— Moon Sang Min

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As the main cast was away from home, he then revealed that Kim Hye Soo took her role as the “Mother” seriously and treated all the princes for a meal.

But our mother (her role in the K-Drama) Kang Hye Soo sunbaenim invited all the princes and treated us to a meal.

— Moon Sang Min

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The actor then revealed that he asked Kim Hye Soo if they could take a photo together to remember the moment. Of course, she agreed, and the actor shared the adorable “Family” photo of Kim Hye Soo and the princes.

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As expected, as good as Kim Hye Soo is on screen, she also has the warmest heart in real life. It would’ve been hard for the young actors to be away from home on the holidays, but she ensured they didn’t feel left out.

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Source: Esquire Korea

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