More Questions Arise After Kim Joo Hyuk’s Fatal Accident Inspection

The National Science Institute revealed the results after inspecting Kim Joo Hyuk’s car, but it only led to more questions.

The Korean National Science Institute announced that no faulty malfunctions were found regarding Kim Joo Hyuk‘s car.

“After inspecting Kim Joo Hyuk’s car, there were no signs of car failure or mechanical malfunction such as rapid acceleration. The black box in his car wasn’t recording sound at the time of his accident.”

— Gangnam Police Department

There weren’t any signs that a braking problem was the source of his collision either.

“There weren’t any signs of brake malfunctions either.”

— National Science Institute

The inspectors repaired the car as best as they can to see if there were any driving problems, but they couldn’t find a source of the problem.

“It was impossible to try a normal driving test because the vehicle was severely damaged, but we connected and replaced the broken parts. We tested starting the car, its acceleration, and checked its sensor data.”

— National Science Institute

The vehicle wasn’t the cause, but neither was Kim Joo Hyuk’s health.

“No trace of alcohol, antihistamines, or other potentially toxic drugs and toxins were found on Kim Joo Hyuk. Neither myocardial infarction and abnormal cardiac conductions were observed, as well.”

— National Science Institute

With car malfunctions being ruled off as the cause, even more questions regarding his fatal accident has arisen. The police plan to report the autopsy certificate, along with the traffic accident analysis, to the National Police Agency as a request for additional medical inspections for the cause of death.


Source: The Star