R.ef makes a surprise visit to VIXX in support of “Love Equation”

Original artist  of “Love Equation,” 90s singer R.ef, paid VIXX a surprise visit in the studio recently in light of their new remake album which features his song as their title track!

R.ef’s visit was a heartwarming surprise for the boyband as the singer offered words of encouragement to VIXX as they prepared for their comeback. During his visit, the artists bonded in a friendly atmosphere as they discussed “Love Equation” and the upcoming remake.

Jellyfish Entertainment uploaded a video to Youtube of the encounter to VIXX’s official Youtube account where the artists are seen having a good time. R.ef also gave the group pointers on the choreography and the intended feel of the track.

R.ef closes the video with words of encouragement and support for the group’s comeback, expressing his content with their version of his track. In his video, R.ef stated, “The remake is more exciting than the original composition and it seems well suited to modern music tastes. Thank you for such a well made remake.

Check out the heartwarming visit below!