R. Kelly’s Past Involvement In K-Pop Resurfaces After The Airing Of “Surviving R. Kelly”

Many had forgotten about his past involvement.

LIFETIME recently broadcast a three-day documentary series covering the accusations and testimonies regarding American singer R. Kelly and his charges of raping minors, abusing and assaulting women, and running an alleged sex cult.


The documentary series, titled Surviving R. Kelly, featured alleged victims and industry insiders who recalled their horrific stories related to R. Kelly.


In light of the documentary becoming one of the most talked about issue on the internet, K-Pop fans have resurfaced the fact that R. Kelly was once involved in one of the largest labels in K-Pop.

JYP USA headquarters in Manhattan, New York.


Back in 2007, JYP Entertainment officially began their US venture by opening JYP USA in New York City. There, they focused on producing US debuts for Min (who was 15 years old at the time), Lim Jeong Hee, and G-Soul.

Min, J-Lim (Lim Jeong Hee), and G-Soul during 2007, preparing to debut in the US.


JYP USA announced that R. Kelly will be working with Park Jin Young to produce, market and manage G-Soul’s US debut album.

“R. Kelly, along with JYP’s producer Park Jin Young, will collaborating in producing, marketing, and managing G-Soul, who is signed under JYP USA.”



They revealed that R. Kelly was first drawn to working in K-Pop after being captivated by G-Soul’s demo tape, which eventually persuaded him to help G-Soul debut in the US market.

“R. Kelly listened and loved G-Soul’s demo tape and agreed to co-produce their album together – his US debut album.”



R. Kelly not only work on G-Soul’s album, but he also participated in preparing debuts for Lim Jeong Hee, Min and two other trainees.

JYP USA family gathered at an event. (Left to Right: Lil Jon, Lim Jeong Hee, Park Jin Young, G-Soul.)

“Lim Jeong Hee and G-Soul, two other trainees with JYP USA, will meet with hip-hop big shots like R.Kelly, the Neptunes and Outkast.”



The trainees are speculated to have been underage as Park Jin Young once stated in a 2007 interview that he only sought trainees under 15 for training purposes.

“I only sign kids 15 and younger, and most of them train with me a minimum of four to seven years before they’re ready to be released.”

— Park Jin Young


At the time, R. Kelly was recognized as a legendary artist and highly viewed by Koreans for his hit song, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. Numerous K-Pop artists have covered his famous song throughout the years.

“G-Soul is an artist with an infinite amount of possibilities. He will become a global R&B singer after working with the world’s greatest R&B producer, R. Kelly.”



With the newly released documentary of R. Kelly’s alleged crimes, K-Pop fans are disgusted by his past relations with K-Pop.

  • “I’m gonna be sick, I was just watching the documentary on TV as well…”
  • “wow, i had no idea about this. that’s seriously disgusting. “
  • “Gross.”
  • “First the cult and now this…. I really do hope trainees in Korea are not victim [to] predatory men”


Thankfully, there are no known relations between R. Kelly’s alleged crimes and JYP artists and trainees. Min went on to debut as a member of miss A in 2010, Lim Jeong Hee continued her solo career in Korea, and G-Soul eventually debuted in Korea in 2015.

Source: The Cut, iCulture News, Chosun Ilbo, SF Gate and One Hallyu