A Video Of “R U Next?” Contestant Chanelle’s Different Interactions With Judges Lee Hyun And Aiki Gain Attention

Some weren’t happy with Lee Hyun’s behavior towards the young trainee!

The recent survival show R U Next? from HYBE and JTBC recently ended and after weeks of battles, the six contestants were picked to debut in BE:LIFT‘s new group I’LL-IT.

The “R U Next” poster | Weverse

While not everyone was a fan of the lineup, one contestant who broke the hearts of netizens when she was eliminated was Chanelle.

“R U Next” contestant Chanelle | HYBE

During the competition, Chanelle constantly wowed netizens with her talent and became a firm fan favorite, especially for international fans.



Yet, she came under criticism from some of the judges, and netizens didn’t react kindly to HYBE singer Lee Hyun‘s critiques of Chanelle during the performance of IVE‘s song “I AM.”

After the end of the show, new videos have come out, seemingly of the contestants interacting with the judges. In one video that is gaining attention, there was a clip of Chanelle and Lee Hyun.

As the HYBE singer seemingly went in to pat her on the head, the trainee seemed to back away and almost looked uncomfortable.

While Chanelle seemingly dodged an interaction with Lee Hyun, she had a much different reaction to choreographer Aiki, who was also a judge on the show. Chanelle seemed to get emotional as she hugged Aiki…

When the two videos were put side by side…



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Netizens couldn’t get over the difference between Chanelle’s reaction to Lee Hyun compared to Aiki. In particular, netizens pointed out that the choreographer had always supported Chanelle, along with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, so it wasn’t surprising.

Yet, some also found Lee Hyun’s behavior toward the young idol uncomfortable. While many made a joke about Chanelle moving away from the singer because of how he treated her, others found it odd that he was approaching her like that and went for physical contact.

While it’s understandable that Chanelle felt closer to Aiki due to her kindness, it would’ve been awkward for the young trainee for any male to get close to her, especially a senior. It wasn’t surprising that Chanelle seemingly had that reaction and it’s not surprising that Lee Hyun gained negative attention for his behavior towards someone so young and that he doesn’t know well.

Source: @ohkaypop
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