Rachel Platten Sat on RM’s Lap For A Photo And Here’s How He Reacted

BTS recently made their American television debut at the 2017 American Music Awards.

Image Source: E! Online

American singer-songwriter Rachel Platten couldn’t help but fangirl when she went up to congratulate them.

Image Source: E! Online

To celebrate the moment, she asked them for a photo and sat down on RM’s lap when posing.

Image Source: @rachelplatten

RM was visibly shocked and looked like he had no idea how to react and simply froze, looking far into the distance.

Image Source: @rachelplatten

While some fans aren’t sure Rachel Platten made the right decision in the photo op…

Others believe she was sitting on the armrest, or that RM was smiling for another photographer, or that fans should recognize they’re from different cultures.

… But most just can’t get enough of RM’s expression!

If you haven’t watched BTS’s historic AMA performance yet, watch it here:

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