Racist American Woman Yells At And Attacks Passengers On Korean Subway

Three foreigners reacted violently when a Korean man asked them to be quiet while riding a Seoul subway.

Two American women and a British woman yelled at and attacked a Korean man while on a Seoul subway after they were asked to be quiet.


According to witnesses, when the man requested the women speak quieter, the women began yelling derogatory comments, swearing and making offensive gestures.


One of the women began twerking at commuters near her, making uncomfortable passengers around them get up and move.


When the man again asked them to stop, they slapped and pushed him, making him bleed.

They were reported to police and caught but the women allegedly accused the man of touching them.


One of the three was later confirmed to be a 32-year-old English teacher working at a hakwon, an institution where Korean students attend additional after-school classes.

“The three were sober at that time – one was found to be an English teacher from an academy in Gangnam.” ― Police Spokesperson


The women are currently under investigation.

Source: Korea Daily and Raw Story