Racist Crowd Insults Korean Soccer Player, Here’s How He Shut Them Down

This Korean soccer play responded to racist chants by opposition fans in the greatest way possible.

Son Heung Min, a forward and winger for the South Korean National Football Team and Tottenham Hotspur, became the recipient of racist chants during an FA Cup quarter-final game against Millwall FC.

Fans of the opposing team could be heard shouting “DVD” and “He’s selling three fiver” at the 24-year-old South Korean footballer during the game on March 12. In England, these phrases are considered racial slurs when directed at people of East Asian descent as it makes reference to the stereotype that Asians are known for selling DVDs in the marketplace.

Son, who has competed in the Rio Olympics as well as the 2014 World Cup, brushed off the hate and silenced these chants by scoring 3 goals in Tottenham’s 6-0 victory over their opponents.

Millwall’s manager Neil Harris has expressed his disgust at the behavior of the club’s fans, which came in one of the UK’s most historic tournaments.

“It’s wrong in society, and it’s wrong in football.”

— Neil Harris

The English Football Association is currently investigating the incident and will decide on a punishment soon.

Son Heung Min and his team are proceeding to the FA cup semi-final and are fighting to win the Premier league title as well.

Son Heung Min became the most expensive Asian soccer player in history after joining the British side for a fee of $26 million. He was also the first Asian player to receive the Player of the Month award and, in what many consider to be the most difficult league in the world, that is certainly no small achievement.

Check out Son Heung Min’s great performance from the March 12 FA cup game below:

Source: Daily Mail, and BBC Sport