Racist Woman Racially Attacks Korean Student For Speaking Korean At Starbucks

A racist woman berated a Korean student for speaking Korean in a California Starbucks, and netizens are furious.

Sean H. Lee was tutoring a Korean student and speaking Korean at a Starbucks in Walnut Creek, California when a woman who was seated close to them screamed at them “Don’t you dare say that again!


The woman went on to say that everyone in America has to speak English and that she does not want to hear any oriental languages.

“I hate it. You know what, President Obama said that everyone in America should speak English. I don’t want to hear the language. I don’t want to hear your language.”

— The woman in Starbucks


The Starbucks employees asked her to leave, but she refused and demanded that the Korean student be quiet so she would no longer have to hear Korean.

She even chimed in with a refrain that has sadly become all too familiar for ethnic minorities to hear, “Go back home; go back to Korea.


The employees had to call the police and she was ultimately kicked out by the officers who came to get her.

Sean H. Lee shared the story and the video footage on his Facebook so that everyone could see what happened.

UPDATE: We made the news! Hopefully, this leads to even more conversations and initiatives. Check out the link…

Posted by Sean H. Lee on Sunday, December 10, 2017

The post has since been shared thousands of times, hopefully adding to the awareness of incidents like this so that they may stop in the future.

Watch the entire incident below:

Posted by Sean H. Lee on Sunday, December 10, 2017

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