Racists Sexually Harass Jessica After Sharing Selfie With Basketball Player

Korean netizens resurfaced past photos of Jessica and Stephon Marbury to make racist comments about their friendship.

Girl’s Generation‘s Jessica is being trolled after posting selfies with basketball player Stephon Marbury.


The two were in a movie together last year called “My Other Home”, which was about Marbury’s time playing for the Chinese Basketball Association. Jessica is his manager in the film.

Image: Weblogpedia


A year ago, they posted some selfies together, smiling and playfully making faces.


The pictures are resurfacing due to comments made by Koreans about Marbury’s skin color and the nature of their relationship.


Sexual comments like “she’s in a passionate relationship with his anaconda” and “once a woman goes black they never go back” were posted about the singer.

Going to “Hong Kong” has a sexual connotation to Koreans.


Fans are demanding strong legal measures and sanctions to prevent further insults and offenses from continuing.


Source: Nate Pann