“Radio Star” episode featuring Zico achieves #1 viewership rating

Radio Star ranked achieved the top spot on viewership rating after it featured Block B’s Zico‘s confession. 

The latest episode of Radio Star that aired on August 31st was reported to have recorded the most viewership rating in its time slot. Aside from Zico, other guests such as Simon D, Gray and Lee Sun Bin also shared a number of interesting confessions that were widely reported online.

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode recorded a viewership of 8.6%, which was recorded as the most viewed program in its time slot.

It was on the program that Zico admitted her relationship status with AOA’s Seolhyun. It was also one of the first time that the rapper talked about the dating scandal that he was involved in. In light of the hot dating news, it was possible that many of the program’s viewers tuned in to see what Zico would say regarding their relationship.

Check out the full clip from the program below.

Source: HeraldPOP