Rain Is Preparing For His Own 7 Member Group And Male Solo Artist

Rain is looking for the next generation of top idols!

Rain is reportedly preparing to work as a full-fledged producer and hunts for a new solo male artist and multinational boy group.


According to music insiders, Rain is looking for a male solo artist dubbed to be the “Second Rain” as he continue to hold auditions.

“Rain is continously auditioning locally and abroad for enthusiastic and talented people. I know there are a few meetings with the broadcasting side.” 

— Industry official 


He also plans to debut a multinational boy group of seven members as a global project next year with auditions under way for both Koreans and foreigners alike.


With Rain showing willingness to mentor trainees as a producer, R.A.I.N Company also supported his preparations for his new role as a producer for a male solo artist and group. 


Rain previously had his try on producing his own group under J.Tune Camp and launched MBLAQ in 2009. He eventually left for the military and signed on to another agency once his agency merged with JYP Entertainment.

Source: SportsDonga