Rain Called Kim Tae Hee ‘Nuna’ And Now We’re All Falling For His Charms

They have such great chemistry.

Couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee, who are massage chair brand Bodyfriend’s endorsement models, revealed a behind-the-scene video online.

In the clip, the two are filming in a cozy atmosphere as they model the chair. However, while monitoring their acting, Kim joked that Rain looked “so fake”, after the director praised them for looking like “such a family”.

| Bodyfriend/YouTube 

Shocked, Rain responded, “Nuna, how can you say that? Are you really saying that I am not like that at home?”

| Bodyfriend/YouTube

Although Rain really is younger than Kim, fans were still surprised at his unexpected aegyo.

| Bodyfriend/YouTube

This response shocked fans and viewers as Rain is usually known to refer to his wife Kim Tae Hee formally by name.

Netizens also couldn’t stop smiling at seeing these two together!

  • These two really needed to do a movie together…I’m so sad that it hasn’t happened.
  • So jealous of Rain! He gets to live with the queen Kim Tae Hee!
  • Wow nuna! This shows that younger men are better.
  • I still can’t believe that these two are a married couple.
  • Why is my heart fluttering just by watching these two?