Rain files lawsuit against “Ms. Park” for littering constantly

Korean artist and actor Rain is caught up in another lawsuit as he files a legal complaint against a woman, only known as Ms. Park

On November 9th, it was reported that Rain filed a legal complaint against Ms. Park for littering and leaving scrap on his property. The actor and singer was revealed to have made requests to Ms. Park to properly dispose her trash in the building in Cheongdamdong. However, as she did not consistently comply, this led to a legal action from Rain.

Since the news were reported, it was also found that the two had legal battles in 2009. Ms. Park, who is described to be a designer running her own art gallery out of Rain’s building, was previously involved in a tenancy dispute as she was revealed to have been negligent in paying her rent. Rain went to court to officially nullify the signed contract of tenancy the designer had.

The case retaliated as the designer counter filed that one of her properties were ruined because of a leak in the building and demanded $200,000 in compensation.

The court ruled in favour of Rain, in the end, with the designer held on to a personal protest against the decision and was later on fined.

Source: StarToday