Rain Confesses He Almost Got Plastic Surgery Because Of Park Jin Young

“Park Jin Young told me…”

Despite gaining fame for his amazing talent and handsome looks, Rain admitted that wasn’t always the case.

Rain | @rain_oppa/Instagram

On the latest episode of Season B Season, Rain opened up about almost getting plastic surgery because of close friend Park Jin Young.

Rain and Park Jin Young.

Though Rain is known for his sexiness and handsome visuals, people didn’t speak about his appearance as nicely when he was a child. Rain admitted, “But when I was young, everyone said I’m ugly.

After hearing those words at such a young age, Rain nearly went through with the suggestion to get plastic surgery during his time at JYP Entertainment. He said, “I almost got plastic surgery. Park Jin Young told me to go.” That very suggestion turned out to be the reason why Rain didn’t do it.

Instead of following the suggestion for plastic surgery, Rain noticed that Park Jin Young didn’t look traditionally “good-looking” either and reached a new conclusion. The comment was so savage that Stray KidsChangbin tried to hold back his laughter.

Rain then roasted Park Jin Young so much that Changbin said, “Please don’t call this the Stray Kids episode.” Making Hyunjin and the rest of the members burst into laughter, Rain pointed out that if Park Jin Young could succeed with visuals that weren’t traditionally “good-looking,” plastic surgery wasn’t necessary.

Because of how long Rain and Park Jin Young have known each other, only true friends could roast each other so savagely—especially about their looks. Fortunately, Rain kept his good looks and even went on to marry one of the most beautiful actresses: the talented and stunning Kim Tae Hee.


See Rain poke fun at the memory by roasting his close friend.