Rain to earn $5.5 million USD for starring in new Chinese drama, “Diamond Lover”!

Singer and actor Rain (also known as Jung Ji Hoon) has been confirmed for a new Chinese drama titled, Diamond Lover, as his follow-up project after SBS My Lovely Girl.

Rain’s agency, Cube Entertainment, announced on November 10th that Rain has decided on making Diamond Lover his next drama following his recent Korean drama, My Lovely Girl.

Diamond Lover is a drama that will be directed and produced by Chen Ming Zhang, the same director who created the hit Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You, which was also remade as a popular South Korean drama titled, You Are My Destiny.

Jung Ji Hoon will be taking on the role of a young man who is the owner and CEO of the world’s largest leading diamond supply company. The male character is known to be somewhat cold-hearted and is a perfectionist who counts every single gain and loss that happens at work, however, he ends up finding genuine love despite his quirky problems.

The female lead to star alongside Jung Ji Hoon will be famous Chinese actress, Tang Yan.

Cube Entertainment revealed that Rain received a guarantee sum that well over exceeds 6 billion Korean Won, which is roughly 5.5 million U.S. dollars, to star in this upcoming drama.

A representative of the Chinese entertainment industry stated, “It has been confirmed that Rain will be receiving the best course of treatment while he is filming for this drama as he has already proven his position and popularity in China.

Filming for Diamond Lover will begin at the beginning of December in Shanghai, Nanjing, Belgium, and Seoul.

Source: Sports Today and CC Daily