[★BREAKING] Rain confirms wedding with handwritten letter to fans

Rain has confirmed that he will indeed be marrying Kim Tae Hee after media first reported on their wedding and then mistakenly denied the reports soon after.

The past half-hour has been a confusing time for Korean media, with initial reports coming out that Rain and Kim Tae Hee would be getting married. However, just moments after this breaking news, it was quickly revealed by both agencies that it was not true.

Rain himself has now confirmed that he will be marrying Kim Tae Hee, in a heartwarming letter uploaded to his Instagram and dated 2017.01.17.

Read the translation by Koreaboo of his letter below:

Hello, I hope to find all of you in good health in this cold winter. This is Jung Ji Hoon.

It’s already been 16 years since I first debuted and many of my fans have grown into beautiful women and in some cases have even become amazing mothers. I too am trying to become the head of a household as a husband and a man.

She was always there for me during my hardest and happiest times and moved me on multiple levels. Our trust and love has grown to a point where it has finally borne fruit.

The wedding is going to be private and quiet as Korea is currently going through emotional and financially difficult times. I hope you all understand that I cannot speak of where and when it is going to take place. I would like to thank you for all your love in the last 16 years and from now on I hope to show you a more responsible and modest side of me as an actor and a singer.

“To me, she is the best present.”

—Jung Ji Hoon (Rain)

Here’s his original post on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you…

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Korean media site, Ilgan Sports, originally reported the couple was set to get married at a Catholic Church on February 19th. The two first started dating after they met at a CF filming in 2012. It was later revealed by the advertisement manager on TV that when the two met they were so shy around each other that it almost felt as if they were on a blind date rather than a commercial shoot.

Soon after dating Kim Tae Hee, Rain was baptized at a Catholic Church in a private ceremony with family and friends.

 In an interview for InStyle Magazine, Kim Tae Hee also recently opened up about dating Rain stating,“It’s completely average. We eat good food and talk a lot. We have a lot in common and similar personalities. I’m a quiet person but he is funny and talks well so our conversations never end.”