Rain’s Label Emphatically Denies Cheating Allegations And Vows To Pursue Legal Action

“They are unfounded, and we believe they aren’t worth speaking about.”

According to a Hankook Ilbo report, singer and actor Rain‘s label Rain Company denied allegations that he cheated on his wife Kim Tae Hee and announced they would be pursuing legal action.

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On October 6, the agency called the rumors unfounded and is preparing to pursue legal action against the malicious comments.

We weren’t going to respond to the rumors. They are unfounded, and we believe they aren’t worth speaking about. However, we will be pursuing legal action. Our lawyer has begun the process.

— Rain Company

Allegedly there are unfound rumors that Rain had cheated with a pro golfer. Netizens allegedly exposed the rumored golfer’s name and are terrorizing her Instagram.

According to a news report, the rumors started when a media outlet published an article that stated, “A recently married top star cheated on his beautiful wife.” The outlet alleged that the two had met at a golf tournament and had a significant age difference and that the golfer was an acquaintance of the star’s wife.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee recently had to take legal action due to a different incident when a woman in her 40s was arrested for stalking the couple and continuously ringing their doorbell. The woman who was arrested in February had her case sent to prosecution in October.

Source: Hankook Ilbo and Wikitree
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