Rain Fell For His Wife Kim Tae Hee Because She Put On Her Own Socks…And Then She Rejected Him 5 Times

You can’t make this stuff up 😂

Rain and his wife Kim Tae Hee are couple goals, but they had a rather unique start to their relationship!

Rain and Kim Tae Hee | Kim Tae Hee and Rain/Facebook

On an episode of Netflix‘s The Hungry and the Hairy, Rain told Lee Honey (also known as Lee Ha Nee) and Noh Hung Chul the story of how he met his wife, actress Kim Tae Hee. He told the story shortly after Lee Honey told Noh Hung Chul that she’d met Kim Tae Hee in a ski club while they were in college. Lee Honey said Rain was always Kim Tae Hee’s type because he’s active just like her.

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While the trio was riding scooters, Rain told the story of when he first met his wife. He said he and Kim Tae Hee first met 10 years ago while shooting a commercial together, and he fell for her during the shoot!

During the shoot, Kim Tae Hee was told to change her socks. Rain explained that stylists usually change celebrities’ socks for them, but Kim Tae Hee knelt down right away to change her own socks. This simple act impressed him because it showed how down-to-earth Kim Tae Hee really was.

Rain continued, “That’s when I thought, ‘She’s the one.'”

Although Rain fell for Kim Tae Hee right away, the feeling was definitely not mutual. Rain told Lee Honey and Noh Hung Chul that his future wife rejected him 5 times before she agreed to go out with him!

Rain said that Kim Tae Hee rejected him so much that he “didn’t even get hurt after a few times.”

He explained that she turned him down because of his bad boy reputation. He said, “She had thought of me as the insincere type.” Lee Honey agreed and explained that Kim Tae Hee probably thought that he was asking out other women at the time.

Eventually, Rain was able to win Kim Tae Hee’s heart by letting her see the real him. She asked her questions about rumors she had heard, and he told her which rumors were true and which rumors were false.

Rain said he thinks Kim Tae Hee was “moved by” his honesty.

Although Kim Tae Hee rejected Rain 5 times, they went on to become a super cute couple!