Rain and Kim Tae Hee to travel to Jeju Island for short couple vacation

Hallyu couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee are planning to travel together to Jeju Island for a short romantic vacation. The two have been showing continuous love and support in their relationship.

According to multiple reports published on March 22nd, the couple purchased open tickets to Jeju Island recently and are planning to schedule in their vacation. This will be the first trip together as a couple since the beginning of the year as they have been busy with their individual schedules.

Rain has been busy with the Chinese drama Diamond Lover, in which filming took place in China, Korea, and Europe. The drama’s filming wrapped up at the start of March. In addition, he recently filmed a CF for a Chinese soda drink on March 21st, returning to Korea on the following day.

Kim Tae Hee starred in a Chinese drama as well named Wang Xizhi. The actress has finished filming for the drama last month and traveled to the United States for a short vacation and a photoshoot.

Meanwhile, the couple has been freely enjoying casual dates in public since last year. Two years ago, they were spotted at an amusement park in Los Angeles, and in the middle of last year, they were once again spotted having a meal at a BBQ restaurant in Seoul. Moreover, Kim Tae Hee visited Rain’s filming set in China to show her support as well. Reportedly, Rain has received baptism following Kim Tae Hee into Christianity.

Source: Star News