Rain Reveals Kim Tae Hee Will Take On Acting Again When She Meets The Right Project

She hasn’t stopped her career.

Singer Rain, who made an appearance on SkyTV’s Soomi’s Lodge, held a conversation with Kim Soomi about his wife, actress Kim Tae Hee.

As they were cooking fish together, Kim asked how he first met Kim Tae Hee.

We first met while filming a commercial together. She was pretty.

— Rain

But Kim Tae Hee’s charms didn’t stop there.

From her attitude, you could see how considerate she was to the staff. It was all so new to me, seeing her give the lunch boxes to the staff first.

— Rain

He also admitted that he made the first move in asking her to meet with him.

Kim Soomi continued by asking if the reason Kim Tae Hee didn’t work because of the children.

No, she will work if she meets the right project. I always recommend that she works.

— Rain

Kim Soomi revealed that she also continued acting while pregnant. “I also played a role as a pregnant woman up until I was nine months pregnant. I then returned to acting one month after giving birth.”

Find out more about Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s love story on the next episode of Soomi’s Lodge at 10:40 PM KST.

Source: star today
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