Singer Rain Follows Through On His Warning, Sues YouTuber And Netizens Who Spread “Cheating” Allegations

According to the label’s statements, those that were sued included a YouTuber.

R.A.I.N Company has announced they have filed lawsuits against those who spread unfounded rumors about Rain.

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Rain had previously responded to allegations he had engaged in extramarital affairs with a professional golfer. At the time, the singer’s label stated they would be pursuing legal action, and they weren’t lying.

On October 17, R.A.I.N Company announced they had completed the first rounds of lawsuits against a YouTuber and those who spread allegations that he had cheated on his wife, Kim Tae Hee, with a golfer.

We have filed a lawsuit after investigating a YouTuber and those who spread malicious rumors and slander. We will not stop and continue to monitor those who spread unfounded allegations, including YouTubers and commenters, and will file a second and third round of lawsuits. There will be no settlements.

— R.A.I.N Company

The allegations stem from the rumor column of a magazine stating a top celebrity with a well-known wife had an affair with a golfer.

A Top Star Loves A Woman That Is The Opposite Of His Wife

There is another top star who fell in love with a beautiful golfer. There is a rumor that he is cheating on his beautiful wife with a pretty young golfer. The top star, Mr. D, is known to have a warm personality and has received love for being a family man. His wife, E, is also famous and is beautiful as she is smart. D’s mistress, F, is a skilled golfer. She is known as a rising star and is known to have men fall for her sexy appearance and figure. D and F first met during a golf competition. The two became close during the private competition. What’s shocking is that F is an acquaintance of D’s wife, E. Due to this, she was able to have her affair without being suspected.

D is said to have fallen for F’s innocent and cute appearance. Their difference in age didn’t deter the couple. The two are in love and aren’t afraid to show it. It is said that D doesn’t like to speak about his family because of F.

— Woman Sense

Both Rain and a golfer alleged to be from the rumor denied all allegations and stated they were hardly acquaintances. Actor Jo Jung Suk also denied he was the rumored star, stating he had no acquaintances with any golfers.


Source: Wikitree
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