[★TRENDING] Rain to file charges against all netizens who spread fake nude photo

After announcing that actions will be taken against the original leaker of the alleged nude photo which was later deemed as fake, Cube Entertainment has made a second statement on behalf of Rain, claiming that legal action will be taken against all individuals who spread the photo online.

On November 14th, Rain’s attorneys, along with Cube Entertainment, released a second statement claiming that all individuals who helped spread the said nude photo will be punished by the court of law after they file for Defamation of Character charges. They stated, “We will file for legal charges and punishments according to the court of law against not only the original leaker, but all individuals who helped spread the photo as well.

Previously, on November 13th, the artist’s agency released a formal statement regarding the shocking issue, stating, “We are preparing to take legal steps against the original leaker of the photo. The man in the photo is not Rain.

The alleged photo was rumored to have been leaked from actress Kim Tae Hee’s lost cell phone. However, it was later revealed by Rain’s attorneys that the actress had never lost her phone before, claiming that the original leaker had ill-natured intentions.

Source: The Fact