RAINBOW sends fans their last farewell as a group

On October 29th, RAINBOW‘s Jaekyung uploaded a hand written letter to her Instagram.

After the DSP‘s announcement of RAINBOW’s disbanding Rainbow’s Jaekyung shared the thoughts of the members through a letter.

The letter also showed each members fingers which came together to form a star. The members also had their fingernails manicured to match the colors of the RAINBOW, portraying that their bond is still strong.

Below you will find the post by Jaekyung as well as a full translation of their last farewell.

#RAINBOW #레인너스사랑해

Rainbow Jaekyung(@_kimjaekyung_)님이 게시한 사진님,

” ‘Hello RAINBOW is here!’. Whenever we said these greetings we were always energized and we felt like we were giving people that energy back and that made us very happy. We accomplished our dream of becoming a singer under DSP and as RAINBOW we received love and support that we would have never received anywhere else. More than that, we were able to meet and create a new family that is so important to us. That’s why when we saw the word ‘disband’ in the reports, we were heart broken. I’m sure that everyone, especially RAINNOUS were extremely surprised and heart broken. Although our contracts are over and our official activities are over, we are not going anywhere. We will continue to support each other and always be with you. As long as we try our best wherever we are we believe that we will be able to come together again. 1st place isn’t that important…! Every moment together was happy and dear to us. Thank you for making the last 7 years the best moments of our lives. Until the day comes when the rainbow appears in your hearts again. We were RAINBOW!”