Rainbow Shows Promise As Fans SURGE In Support Of “PRISM” Comeback

Both netizens and fans alike are giving their support for Rainbow as the girl group recently emerged with their mini-album PRISM.

Following the release of their mini-album and music video for their title track “Whoo” on February 15th, Rainbow held their comeback showcase later that day which was also broadcast live on Naver’s V App.

During the showcase, Rainbow revealed they found themselves very nervous to return to the stage after a year since their last activities, which was short in itself.

Additionally, the girl group not only performed their latest track “Whoo” but looked to the past by performing their hit songs “Mach” and “A.” Fan service was top notched as well as they accepted questions from fans as well, among others.

They added, “I think up to Black Swan was monsoon season. Now the soil is hardened and it’s time for a rainbow. We will show you guys a more happy side of the rainbow.”


Image: V App Broadcast
Image: V App Broadcast

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[+1701, -67] Yes lets BLOW UP this time!!

[+1331, -55] They have a good image and everything..why aren’t they blowing up…~~!!!!!

[+1026, -47] I love Rainbow’s music. There were so many good songs until now I hope this album does really well.~^^

[+775, -46] Always cheering for Rainbow let’s get #1!!!!!!!!

[+599, -46] About time they really blow up

[+148, -9] It’s not rainbow that needs to work harder but the agency that needs to wake up


Source: OSEN