Insider reveals how Idols used to flirt with each other during THIS TV show

In a recent episode of Radio Star, episode guest and Rainbow member Go Woori revealed the reason why idols now seldom engage in flirting with one another during the yearly Idol Athletics Championships.

Aired on September 9th, Woori reveals that due to advancing SNS (social media), flirting with other idols has become difficult.

She adds, “It used to be fun when male and female idols made eye contact with one another during the ‘Idol Athletics Championships,’ but now it’s mostly about communicating with our fans. Female idols won’t be looked at by male idols who will only look at their female fans.”

Netizens reading the article reacted to her comment, agreeing with her and saying:

[+332 / -10] Fan girls are watching with lasers shooting from their eyes

[+286 / -6] They all have those cannon cameras and they are probably watching even when you pick your nose…

[+280 / -4] I feel like they would be scared to even talk ㅋㅋㅋㅋ fans will probably figure out what they are saying by reading their lips…..

[+45 / – 5] Lee Jun said once.. that it’s like an animal kingdom there..

[+33 / -6] They’re trying to make a living let them flirt and have fun too you guy’s know whatever fans and idols have is strictly business right?


Source: Newsen
Comments: Newsen via Nate