Rap Monster drenches half his face with paint for upcoming solo mixtape

BTS member and rapper Rap Monster will show that his rap skills are not to be taken lightly as he prepares to release his own mixtape in less than a week.

On the morning of March 11th, Rap Monster uploaded a monotone image of himself on the group’s official blog along with the text, “You do you, I do I.” 

Despite his well-coiffed hair slicked back with gel, the sides buzzed, one half of Rap Monster’s face and hair is completely covered in paint. The rapper, however, continues to give a charismatic and strong, impressionable stare at the camera without losing his composure from the paint, which represents his rebirth as an musician and rapper.

Rap Monster will release his mixtape on March 17th at midnight KST through domestic and international sites that specialize in hip-hop releases, while the music video for “Awakening” will be released on the 13th. The rapper recently released a track “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D)” with Warren G, revealing just how much he has grown as a hip-hop artist and rapper in the past year.

Source: OSEN