Rapper 2Chainz Samples $15 of Premium Korean Mountain Air In A Can

2Chainz, a famous American rapper, sampled some of the world’s most expensive cans of fresh air straight from South Korea and Canada.

Moses Lam, founder of Vitality Air, came to visit 2Chainz with cans of air that he recently captured from Jiri mountain in Korea and Banff, Canada.

2Chainz was amazed by the idea and asked Moses how he captures air.

Moses explained that they go to the site where they wish to capture air, and it takes around 40 hours to capture 200 000 litres (around 53 000 gallons) of air.

The air is then brought back to the Vitality Air facility where each can is hand-filled with the appropriate air.

Vitality Air sells cans of air from Mt. Jiri for $15/can and air from Banff for $32/can.

In addition to the cans for 2Chainz to sample. Moses Lam brought a specially-made can of air with a custom-made diamond filter, which he wished to sell for $10 000 USD!

2Chainz signed the bottle on Moses’ request and the bottle is now on sale for $20 000 USD on Vitality Air’s website.

He started selling air on eBay as a joke a few years back and is now the biggest name in the air industry.

Moses Lam claims that he sells the best quality air to people who don’t have access to clean air like in India and China.

Check out 2 Chainz sampling some fresh air from Korea and Canada below: