Rapper B-Free Apologises To BTS And ARMY For Comments Made In 2013

He disrespected Suga and RM to their faces.

Rapper B-Free has apologised to BTS and ARMY for comments he made in 2013.

On July 14th, B-Free wrote an apology on his Twitter account:

He then wrote in Korean, saying “I’m incredibly sorry to BTS and BTS’s fans for my past actions. I thought I’d be able to say this face-to-face one day but for now, I’ll express my thoughts like this”.

This all stems from an incident in 2013 when B-Free, Suga and RM appeared on Kim Bong Hyun’s Hip-Hop Invitational 1st Anniversary Broadcast. When addressing Suga, B-Free said “I’m sure BTS hasn’t listened to our albums. We haven’t listened to BTS’s music either”.

He then began berating Suga and RM:

You guys could have taken the road towards becoming rappers, but you couldn’t beat that temptation. Is BTS’s music hip hop? Is wearing makeup on stage like a girl hip-hop?

– B-Free

When ARMY asked B-Free to apologise he retorted with “I didn’t realise I’d have such an impact on so many people. But anyways if you’re thinking about what I said today for over 20 minutes, I sincerely recommend finding a boyfriend”.

B-Free previously apologised in 2016 but it seems his comments still follow him to this day.