Rapper Bassagong Admits To Allegations He Illegally Filmed And Shared Videos Of Sexual Partners — Infuriates Netizens With Apology

“How is this an apology?”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Rapper Bassagong admitted and apologized for illegally filming and sharing videos of women he had sex with.

Bassagong | @bassagong_/Instagram

The rapper apologized in a short statement.

I am sorry for the controversy I caused. I apologize for my wrongdoings and will reflect on myself.


Netizens were enraged at the short apology stating, “How is this an apology?” “He isn’t even sincere,” and “Forget the apology; you should be punished.”

Comments on Theqoo | Theqoo

  • “This is more of a confession than an apology.”
  • ” Look at this apology.”
  • ” Wow.”
  • ” You need to be punished lol.”

Fellow rapper Don Mill’s wife first exposed Bassagong’s deeds on her Instagram story on May 10.

I see you talking about meeting women through DM’s. Why don’t you talk about how you then filmed them illegally and shared the videos? If it weighed on your conscience, there is no way you could talk about it on a broadcast. I guess you don’t care, huh? I wish you would stop. You’re making me want to go to the police…


Don Mills’s wife Sol Buddah | @sol.buddah/Instagram

Rapper Bassagong recently was on a popular YouTube show where he admitted to meeting women through the DMs.

Bassagong | Studio Waffle/YouTube

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