Rapper Beenzino Gave His Girlfriend This Very Special Gift

She was touched.

Rapper Beenzino gave his girlfriend, Stefanie Michova, a very special gift to thank her for waiting for him while he was fulfilling his military service.

On February 21, he revealed images and a video of the personalized gift.


In the caption he wrote, “Finally, I gave her flower shoes!!!! I wanted to give it to her on the day I was discharged but I couldn’t finish the flower decorations…We’re together every day so I just couldn’t find time to finish it up. I finally managed to escape and complete it!!!! Thank you so much Steffi. You deserve these flower shoes!!! F%*K rubber shoes.”


The gift was very special because Beenzino had apparently painted the decorations on the shoe himself.


With a green base color, he added flower patterns on the logo of the shoes.


Stephanie was obviously extremely happy to receive the gift as she posted a photo of herself and the shoes on her own Instagram.


In the caption, she wrote, “I received flower shoes. Painted by @realisshoman.”


Meanwhile, Beenzino was discharged from the military on February 17 where he was met by his girlfriend of 4 years. Beenzino and Stephanie Michova announced their relationship back in 2015.

Source: Dispatch
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