Famous Rapper Was Falsely Accused Of Using Drugs Due To iKON B.I’s Scandal

He made a statement to clear his name.

As B.I has recently been caught up in drug accusations from Dispatch, his controversy continued to build as YG Entertainment announced his official departure from iKON and the company.


However, one rapper has been facing undeserved backlash amidst the scandal. BewhY has falsely been reported to have taken drugs.


News reports accidentally named BewhY as the accused, rather than B.I.


The mistake stemmed from the similarity in the two rapper’s names. B.I’s Korean spelling (비아이) and BewhY’s Korean spelling (비와이) only has one character difference and has a very similar sound.


BewhY personally took to Instagram to clarify that his name is not B.I but BewhY.

I’m ‘BewhY’.

— BewhY


He also captured a search portal’s related search term “BewhY drugs” and clarified that he has “never once even seen drugs in [his] entire life].


Netizens apologized to BewhY for mistaking the two and felt sorry for the troubles that he faced solely because of his name.


Although the two are both famous rappers who appeared on Show Me The Money, BewhY and B.I are two completely different artists with different styles in rapping.

Source: My Daily and The Qoo