Rapper BewhY Says This SHINee Song Is Banned From Church

Her whisper is the… Oh.

On a recent episode of The Call, rapper BewhY and SHINee‘s Taemin joined forces to collaborate on a song.


While Taemin debuted years earlier than BewhY, these two “93 Liners (93년생, born 1993)” quickly became friends once they sat down to talk about music… and other things.

“I used to eat ants.” — BewhY

“Me too! (Shakes hands)” — Taemin


BewhY explained he has known Taemin and SHINee since he was in high school.

“When I was in high school, my friends would talk about how you are our age… It’s so cool to actually meet you in person.” — BewhY


BewhY also mentioned that SHINee’s music was popular among students at the church he attended.

“The church would hold ice breakers so the members would get to know each other.” — BewhY

“They would play SHINee’s hit songs like “Replay” or “Love Like Oxygen” for us.” — BewhY


BewhY then clarified that there was one song, no matter how huge of a hit, the church did not play.

“They never played “Lucifer” for us though, you know. It’s a church.” — BewhY


Fans had a good laugh at BewhY playfully fanboying over SHINee’s most popular tracks! Watch the full clip below:


These two talented artists put together an amazing track, “Pinocchio”, which is now being called the “Collab of the Century”!

Source: Instiz