Rapper BIG Naughty Is Still Dating The “Mystery Girl” He Kissed During His Performance

It was revealed that she was “Vancouver Girl.”

Rapper BIG Naughty, also known as Seo Donghyun, recently shared new information about the controversial moment he kissed his girlfriend backstage in the middle of a performance.

BIG Naughty | @bignaughtyboi/Instagram

On September 24, BIG Naughty was a guest on the YouTube channel HeyNews, where he mentioned the public displays of affection (PDA) that ended up quickly offending the public.

Earlier this year, in June, BIG Naughty performed at the Tone and Music Festival in Seoul and was caught on camera running backstage in the middle of a song to give an unknown girl a quick peck on the lips. He ran back onto the stage to continue the song, but fans near the open venue’s backstage area captured this moment. The alleged girlfriend smiled bashfully and jokingly pushed him back on stage.

Many people celebrated BIG Naughty’s romantic moment, but many netizens were unhappy with his actions. The displeased fans believed there was a time and place for him to share an intimate moment with his girlfriend—and the stage was not it. They thought he was disrespectful to the fans, and the confused fans, wondering where he ran off to in the middle of the song, were fools.

The song is meant for his girlfriend. The performance didn’t even end yet, but he went to kiss her. A legendary performance where he turned the waiting fans into fools.

— @dyhu66688

After the incident, BIG Naughty issued a live broadcast apology and a handwritten apology, expressing deep regret, saying he sincerely apologized for his “rash attitude and immature behavior, which resulted in an unfortunate situation.

| @bignaughtyboi/Instagram

When announcer Kang Ji Young asked BIG Naughty about this incident on HeyNews, BIG Naughty opened up and shared that his emotions were high at the time because he had completed the song the day before.

I completed this song on the day before the performance. I performed with the emotions still fresh because I had just finished making this song.

— BIG Naughty

Kang Ji Young (left) and BIG Naughty (right) | HeyNews/YouTube

Kang Ji Young empathized with him, assuming he went out to “recharge [his] energy” before going back on stage. She then asked him if he planned to do this; BIG Naughty looked somewhat flustered and apologized.

Those things are never planned. I think it came naturally as I drew a great performance. It was a reckless act driven by youthful impulsiveness. I’m sorry.

— BIG Naughty


In addition, BIG Naughty revealed that the girl from the “backstage kiss incident” was indeed his girlfriend and that he is still in a long-distance relationship with her. When asked if he could call his girlfriend during the interview, BIG Naughty replied that she was in Canada and that it was early morning in Vancouver, indicating that they were still together and continuing their long-distance relationship.


Furthermore, BIG Naughty mentioned that the song he performed during the incident was about long-distance relationships and expressed his affection for his girlfriend. He also introduced his latest album, Vancouver 2, saying that it includes stories about his girlfriend.

Many netizens responded positively to BIG Naughty’s interview, complimenting his romantic side and celebrating his relationship.

| HeyNews/YouTube
  • “It’s so romantic that he completed the song ‘Vancouver 2’ the day before the incident… How can someone be so romantic?”
  • “It’s adorable how his ears turned red when they brought up her girlfriend”
  • “What? I can’t believe the girl from the incident three months ago was the Vancouver girlㅠ I thought it was someone else at that time and was sad, but I’m happy now to hear she’s Vancouver girl!!! Please share more love stories with us in the future❤️ I hope Seo Donghyun’s romance continues:)”
  • “Donghyun, thank you for sharing your movie-like stories😆 I’ll always be rooting for you!!”
  • “‘Vancouver 2’ is so good… All the songs he releases are good..”
  • “Why is he getting cuter and cuter lol”
  • “He’s not only young and rich, but also in love. Seo Donghyun, I envy you!”
  • “No matter how much I think about it, I wonder if running off stage is worth him getting criticized… It’s not like he left during the song verse. He was just living a moment in his youth. It made me want to root for him, and I was like, ‘Wow,’ at the people who harshly criticized him;;”

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Source: HeyNews/YouTube and Xsports News