Black Nut Is Officially In Trouble With The Law For His Sexual Lyrics About KittiB

KittyB is not letting this go without a fight.

Black Nut‘s “Too Real”, just became way too real for the rapper. The song first got him in hot water for its sexually explicit lyrics towards rapper KittiB.

KittiB originally charged the rapper with sexual harassment since the lyrics in the song specifically named and targeted her.

“I’m laying down 2017, ready to f*** a girl worth masturbating to, but this time it isn’t KittiB…”

— Black Nut’s “Too Real”

The prosecution had since changed the charge from sexual harassment to defamation. Black Nut is no stranger to controversial and sexually explicit lyrics and many came to his defense saying it’s just Hip-Hop.

However, for KittyB, this matter is more personal because she’s been a subject of his sexual lyrics in the past and had even asked him to stop. Instead of keeping her name out of his raps, though, the rapper continued to make her feel uncomfortable and that’s when she decided to take him to court.

KittiB to take legal action against Black Nut for sexually derogatory lyrics about her

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office formally indicted the rapper on defamation after their investigation of him came to an end on December 17. KittyB brought her claws out for this fight, and it seems like she’s winning!

Source: Sports Seoul