Rapper Cheetah Is Dating Actor Nam Yeon Woo

Congratulations to the new couple!

It has been reported that rapper Cheetah is dating actor Nam Yeon Woo.


According to sources, the couple has been enjoying their dates without concern for watching eyes and have been developing a beautiful open relationship, introducing each other to their acquaintances as lovers.


While Cheetah admitted that she was in a relationship in an official statement, she stated that she was “cautious in revealing the real name of the person.”


Meanwhile, Nam Yeon Woo’s friend and musical actor, Kim Nam Ho, recently shared a photo on his social media that shows Hong Seok Cheon, Nam Yeon Woo, Cheetah and Kim Nam Ho after spending a good time in each other’s company at Hong Seok Cheon’s restaurant in Itaewon.


Cheetah’s boyfriend debuted in 2010 with the film Telling the Truth and has since built up his filmography with Perfect Number, Flower of Revenge, No Tears for the Dead and Train to Busan.


His activities branch out into directing for short films, drama appearances and more. He was not only nominated for an award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards as a director for his short film, Makeup, but he has also appeared on dramas such as Switch – Change the World and is scheduled to appear on the web movie Society People next year.


Congratulations to this beautiful new couple!

Source: Osen