Rapper CJamm Arrested For Illegally Smoking Marijuana

He is currently under criminal investigation for the illegal usage of marijuana.

Former Show Me the Money 5 finalist, rapper CJamm has been arrested on charges of illegally smoking marijuana.


Reports indicate that CJamm smoked marijuana numerous times from May of 2015 through April of 2018, at a house in Yeonhui-dong, Seoul. He has admitted to using the substance, and drug tests done on his hair came out “positive.”


An acquaintance of CJamm has revealed that he smoked marijuana out of curiosity.

“We think he smoked marijuana out of curiosity. Someone reported it to the police which resulted in his exposure, which then resulted in a search and seizure.” — Acquaintance


Reports further indicate that CJamm is currently being detained at the Suwon Detention Center awaiting further investigation. His Instagram account, however, has sparked a bit of controversy.


On the morning of May 29 (KST), a post was uploaded on CJamm’s Instagram account, while investigations reportedly began a week prior.

A post shared by Johnny Jamm (@cjadoublem) on

“I’m going to finish recording before I go in 🐵” — CJamm


This has caused a public outcry, with many netizens wondering why he was active on his social media accounts during his investigation.

  • “It doesn’t seem like he is reflecting on his crimes at all.”
  • “He’ll probably go back to jail after he finishes recording.”
  • “I was waiting for his album, but now I don’t even want to listen to it…”
  • “I thought he was supposed to be in jail. Why did they let him out?”
  • “Your life is a lie…”


His agency, Just Music, has yet to release a statement on the matter.

Source: Dispatch, Xports News and MBN Star