Rapper DUMBFOUNDEAD Will Release His First Ever Korean Album

Korean-American rapper DUMBFOUNDEAD will be releasing his first ever Korean single and mini album this month.

DUMBFOUNDEAD has established himself as a respected Korean-American battle rapper in the United States and is gradually gaining more recognition in South Korea.

With his growth in popularity in both the States and South Korea, DUMBFOUNDEAD and his agency Transparent revealed that he will be releasing his first ever Korean single and mini-album with KT Music‘s online music service, Genie.

“He visited Korea early this year and received a love call from KT Music’s ‘Genie’ to collaborate on a digital single to be released on May 17, then a mini-album on May 23 to release to his Korean fans.”

— Transparent

DUMBFOUNDEAD was first introduced to his Korean fans through his featuring in Epik High‘s “Maze” from their 6th studio album and slowly began gathering a fan base after featuring on Jeff Bernat‘s “Work Flow”.

Source: OSEN