Rapper Hash Swan Comments On The Unending Fights Between BTS Jungkook’s Fans And His Fans

He commented about Jungkook.

Ever since rapper Hash Swan denied being pictured in the photo that sparked BTS Jungkook‘s false dating rumors, he had faced multiple criticisms from malicious haters.

A fandom war began as his fans and alleged Jungkook fans began fighting about Hash Swan’s involvement in the dating rumors.


As the fights continued for days, Hash Swan went on Instagram live to demand that the fans stop fighting with each other.

I was hurt, but that doesn’t mean you guys need to be fighting like this. I’ve gotten a lot better and my anger died down.

The only reason why I feel guilty over all of this is because the fans are fighting. I’m thankful for my fans who stood up for me… but the fight doesn’t seem to end.

Why are you guys fighting? Let’s not fight over this, please. Everything’s come to an end. Initially, I was dragged into this when I didn’t even do anything, but I received enough apologies about it.

— Hash Swan


He also commented his thoughts on Jungkook, about how he’s probably going through a more difficult time than he is due to the limited freedom of expression from his popularity and career path.

I’m sure BTS’s Jungkook was offended by this too. He’s probably going through a tough time as well. But considering his special career status, he probably can’t say anything even if he wants to.

Idols and rappers are different. I can say what I want and not care if my image gets ruined but he can’t express freely like I do. His tendencies and goals are different than mine.

— Hash Swan


He asked everyone from all fandoms or no fandoms to stop fighting about the controversy, no matter what reason there may be.

Let’s just not do anything about it anymore. I don’t know if my fans are fighting in order to protect me or if they just hate the other fandom, but whatever the reason may be, let’s just all stop.

— Hash Swan

Source: Osen