Rapper Huh In Chang And Producer Hoony Hoon Argue Over Who Named BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

However, the argument ends happily.

Hoony Hoon appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star yesterday and told the story of how BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon got his stage name, claiming that it was his idea.

Hoony Hoon

When I asked G-Dragon his name, he said it was Ji Yong, so I changed it to an English name taking the English letter ‘G’ since it sounds like ‘Ji’ and ‘Dragon’ since the Korean word for Dragon is ‘yong.’ That’s how I made his name.

—Hoony Hoon

Today, Rapper Huh In Chang made a (now deleted) post on his Instagram account saying, “I’m speechless. Hoony, please stop blatantly lying,” along with a photo of the producer on Radio Star.

Huh In Chang continued by accusing Hoony Hoon of lying by stating that Hoony Hoon wasn’t there when Huh In Chang met G-Dragon and gave him his stage name.

When I saw [G-Dragon] for the first time and decided to record together, I was the one that gave him the stage name G-Dragon. Then, I decided to give [Hoony Hoon] some of the parts to the song ‘My Age is Thirteen’ after we finished writing the lyrics. I can’t believe [he] would change the story like that.

—Huh In Chang

Huh In Chang | @surf2flow/Instagram

Hoony Hoon commented on the post, saying that he only spoke about Huh In Chang a few times. He said that he didn’t mean anything bad by his words and for Huh In Chang not to be angered by his memory.

Later, it was revealed in a new Instagram post by Huh In Chang that the two made up over text and that Hoony Hoon handled the situation with love and warmth.

Source: Wikitree