Rapper Involved In Diss Battle Breaks In To BewhY’s Label

“It’s too late to apologize, as it is out of my hands now…”

The late Notorious B.I.G. once asked, “What’s Beef?” alluding to rap conflicts. It seems Korean rapper Gamma has taken some of the late great rapper’s lyrics quite literally.

Gamma | @gamma.999

The rapper has been in conflict with fellow rapper Son Simba, who is signed to BewhY‘s Dejavu Group.

Son Simba | @simbasonof/Instagram

The two are currently involved in a heated rap battle.The battle stems from Gamma dissing Son Simba while dissing another rapper, New Champ.

New Champ | @ newchamp6110/Instagram

Son Simba released a diss record undressing Gamma’s persona as a gangster and called into question the rapper’s thug image.

Gamma then allegedly broke into Son Simba’s rap label, destroyed merchandise, and damaged its office.

Damage caused by Gamma | @simbasonof/Instagram

In an Instagram story, Son Simba addressed Gamma’s trespassing and damaging property.

| @Sonofsimba/Instagram

Gamma and two friends broke merchandise and a glass wall. Gamma had to bring his friends just to destroy some CDs. The incident is already out of my hands, you and your friends were caught on CCTV, and the stupid things you messaged me were also turned in as evidence. It seems this is a pretty serious crime. You guys should be aware as there will be an investigation soon. It’s too late to apologize, as it is out of my hands now.

— Son Simba

The rapper then uploaded the damages to his Instagram.

Damage caused by Gamma | @simbasonof/Instagram

Fellow Dejavu Group rapper Khundi Panda also wrote on his Instagram story of the incident.

A certain musician broke into our label out of hatred for another rapper and raised hell. During the incident, he destroyed my merchandise. Before music, you should abide by the law. Good luck with your investigation.

— Khundi Panda

Khundi Panda | @chieflawnchef/Instagram

On June 27, the police stated they had received a police report in regards to the incident and would investigate as per protocol.


Source: Chosun Biz