Rapper IRON confessed to having stabbed his friend with a knife as a child

Rapper IRON confessed that he had stabbed a friend during childhood in retaliation for punching him, among many other things in an interview.

Earlier this month, IRON had left a comment on Dok2‘s Instagram, saying “P***y b***h stop acting out.” People wondered whether he had been hacked since the words were quite harsh, but IRON revealed in a video that he was not hacked or drunk.

In the video, an interviewer asks Iron the question, “Why did you leave that comment on Dok2’s Instagram?”.

“I think it’s worthless to come up with excuses. I don’t jab at others without reason but I believe dok2 himself will know why I did it. I wasn’t hacked, and I’m sober even when I drink so I wrote it because I wanted to.”

— Iron

He was then asked about the charges he faces for marijuana useage and his feelings about marijuana and drug use.

“First of all, as a Korean citizen I went against the law and I am waiting to receive sentence for my wrong doings. However I don’t think marijuana is a drug.”

— Iron

When the interviewer asked him about the extremely descriptive nature of his lyrics and a stabbing incident Iron raps about, he explained what really happened. The lyrics that are discussed are, “The blood from my friend that I stabbed with the knife I had prepared flooded the hallway.”

“My friend and I used to fight a lot growing up and he was once going around saying that he was going to kill me. I went to him and taunted him saying ‘I heard you were going to kill me’. When he punched me, I [stabbed him]. That friend [and I] are still pretty cool though. He now thinks of the scar as a mark that can’t be erased.”

— Iron

Source: Kookmin Daily