Rapper JJK reveals the personal stories behind “Noble Collision”

After a hiatus of two years from the music industry, rapper JJK is finally back with his new album Noble Collision, which was released on January 24th.

On January 22nd,  Rapper JJK held a fan meeting to discuss the details of his new album Noble Collision, which was met with a lot of support because of the story that it tells. Released on January 24th, the album is different from his previous work as JJK has taken to his music to express his family’s story, a powerful emotion of love, and a handsome young man’s birth.

Here, he revealed that, “This album has nine songs that are very precious to me because they speak about my life and family; they are all my personal experiences. But when I wrote this album, I hoped to include things that everyone had been through.”

Watch the full meeting below, and see what he has to say about his album:

Source: Worldi Sports